The virtual assistant with human attitude

The advanced System for the most ambitious companies

Ai+ is a conversational artificial intelligence platform capable of designing empathic virtual assistants interacting online in an advanced way with your customers by processing words and phrases in natural language.

Ai+ can realize your customer needs, generate and produce verbal and non-verbal speech (expressions and emotions) in order to support and optimize the company processes linked to marketing, customer care and data analysis.

An innovative technological assistant appearing and communicating like a human person.

What AI+ can do

A value-added solution
Flow management
Helping store managers and customer service in sorting great online user and request flows.
24/7 assistance service, voice integration, optimized planner, online interface, notification and customer management.
Searching the product by filter, helping in the product choice, opening a help ticket, order tracking.
Browser automation, automatic form filling, synthesized voice interface, mailbot, rapid access to documents.
Lead generation, conversation history, identification of frequently asked questions, aggregated data analysis.
Business intelligenceBusiness intelligence
Immediate recovering of data and information upon request, along with the automatic production of texts starting from the data.

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